Slimline No-Line Watercolor + Embossing with a Stencil + Hop!

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  1. Avatar Mary Espeland says:

    Lovely card. It feels like spring!

  2. Avatar Mary Espeland says:

    Lovely card. It feels like s po ring!

  3. Avatar Adriana says:

    Loved the card and stamp

  4. Avatar Suzie Q. says:

    Gorgeous card! I LOVE the flower stamp set!

  5. Avatar Judi Knecht says:

    Thank you for sharing your art. The use of the Chevron Pattern is lovely.

  6. Avatar Sue D says:

    Beautiful slimline. Love the colors.

  7. Avatar Anneleise Hampson says:

    Love that gorgeous slimline watercolor card!

  8. Avatar tina z says:

    wow, So beautiful.

  9. Avatar Giselaine Ellison says:

    Loved watching the video to follow your process of water colouring your creation, Nina Marie. Beautiful card.

  10. Avatar Linda Conway says:

    Beautiful water coloring!

  11. Gorgeous card. The coloring is just amazing.

  12. Avatar Dorothy A says:

    Fun video! Was enjoyable to see your painting and dry embossing. Dry brush water coloring was new to me and It created such a cool background. Great stencil and stamp. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Avatar Ruby says:

    Pretty! It makes me want to try watercoloring.

  14. Avatar Scraporcraft says:

    Great use of the longer card to create the scene. I like the background.

  15. Avatar Elizabeth J Kuntz says:

    Nina, I love your cards! I wish I could take some lessons from you on color. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Avatar Ashley Martin says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I’m just tipping my toes into watercoloring. So this is great inspiration

  17. Avatar Misty Obarr says:

    I really like the versatility of the tall florals. Plus, they look totally hand drawn which I find to be very artistic! Beautiful artwork.

  18. Beautiful card, love the overall design!

  19. Avatar Stacey Kowbel says:

    Beautiful card! Love the vibrant colours!

  20. Avatar Megan N says:

    Your watercoloring is beautiful!

  21. Avatar Vicki Fedor says:

    Very inspiring! I love the use of peacock color on the leaves. I need to step out of the “leaves have to be leaf green” box!

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