About Nina-Marie


Hi, I am Nina-Marie! I am so happy you’ve stopped by my creative corner of the world… this blog! Here I share my love and knowledge of creativity with you, in hopes that you can better your skills to reach your full potential in your own personal creative journey. Perhaps you’d like to learn a bit about me?

I am a fun, quirky, and have an obsession with cats, coffee, glass bottles, rainbows, sea glass, and the color teal. I grew up my whole life by the ocean, along the Mid Atlantic and New England coasts; I currently am living on Cape Cod in Massachusetts with my amazing boyfriend and our four adorable cats.

I have been making cards since 2007; that may seem like a long time, but trust me… you never stop learning, no matter how long you’ve been doing something. I’m constantly perfecting my skills and techniques every day.

Whenever I’m asked to define my style, I simply say “eclectic”. I do not follow a set design style; rather, I simply design whatever my mind feels like creating at that time.

I love color and florals… you often see these depicted in my cards and designs that I create!

One of my favorite techniques is coloring; whether with ink, markers, pencils or watercolors, coloring is so enjoyable to me. I find it very relaxing.

And of course… I cannot go without my coffee! :)


Prior to leaving the field, I had been involved with non-profits since 2005 (over 15 years of experience). I have also provided illustration, graphic and web services for many organizations and companies.


Please remember that the work I share is my own and may only be used for personal crafting. Please do not copy my work and resell for personal gain. All opinions that I share on my blog are my own. When I recommend products or share affiliate links, it is because I have personally used the products I am sharing.

As an artist, I put my heart into the art that I create and share with my readers. What I enjoy most is sharing my love of life through my creativity, bringing joy and smiles to people’s faces, and spreading laughter amongst those I interact with. I love encouraging others to see that we each have artistic talents inside of us. With video and written tutorials, opinions and reviews,  I share a lot of information each week that is available to any fellow crafters or artists to reference. By learning how to effectively use the popular tools and supplies in the crafting industry, you will become confident in your artistic abilities!

I hope you’ll enjoy following my blog as I continue along my creative journey, and that you will gain confidence in your ability to express your creativity in ways you never thought possible.