Why I Love Soft Stenciling [Simon’s Hey Bestie Release]

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  1. Avatar Annette Reed says:

    This is lovely. The colors look beautiful together.

  2. Avatar VK says:

    Beautiful soft and smooth coloring. This stencil is great.

  3. Avatar Michele W says:

    Beautiful card! I love this blending technique and look forward to giving it a try soon! Your soft blending really is dreamy. Also love your new products, especially the envelope dies. So clever. Love the idea of being able to make envelopes from a regular sheet of cardstock instead of needing to use large sheets of paper.

  4. Avatar Jennifer Rasnick says:

    Your blending is fantastic! I really need more stencils in my life lol.

  5. Avatar A Severns says:

    Yep, gotta have some blending brushes :) I like your simple embellishments. The blended ink colors are beautiful.

  6. Avatar Becky says:

    I love the way you blended more than one color on the peony flowers! NICE!

  7. Avatar Alison Baker says:

    So pretty! The blending really creates a striking effect.

  8. Love this look! Watercolor is not my thing but this I can handle! Thanks for the blending tips!

  9. Avatar Zinia Agosto says:

    So beautiful the stencil and your soft blended technique idea was so beautiful.
    Thanks so much.

  10. Avatar Jenni Sinor says:

    Absolutely love this card! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Avatar Lynn Stevens says:

    Gorgeous use of colors in your stencling. Nicely done

  12. Avatar Lynn Stevens says:

    Gorgeous use of colors in your stencling.

  13. Avatar Carol R says:

    Nina, I love your soft blended technique on this beautiful peony stencil. Your card IS “dreamy”; the colors are gorgeous!

  14. Avatar Chris Lawlor says:

    Oh my, so excited to see that you have designed a 4bar envelope die. I have been waiting for something like this a long time!! Yay!! 😊❤️

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