No Line Underpainting with Simon’s Fresh Bloom Release + Blog Hop!

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  1. Marianne says:

    Wow, love your tree! Will have to come back later to watch the video.
    Cannot insert my blog address in the Website field, because my comment is regarded as spam if I do.

  2. Mary-Anne V says:

    Such a gorgeous tree! Love the soft look.

  3. Michelle Wilwand says:

    Wow! That is stunning!

  4. Beth Merrill says:

    Beautiful stamp, beautiful painting, beautiful card!

  5. Janice Stein says:

    Your card looks like a work of art. OH my goodness it is so beautiful. Great job!

  6. Anne says:

    Your work is stunning! Thank you for sharing your process!


    That card is straight up frame-worthy! I love it.

  8. Melissa Smith says:

    Oh my goodness! Your card is gorgeous! I’m attempting watercoloring this year, so I really appreciate the video! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  9. Denise Ward says:

    Trees are my favorite so I was really excited to see this tree in the release and was thrilled you chose to use it in your card. You have MASTERFULLY brought it to life and made it look spectacular!!! I would love to sit in the shade of just such a tree!! <3

  10. Angie Cammack says:

    Holy cow!! This just screams springtime to me. Thanks so much for all of the inspiration. :)

  11. Kris Reeves says:

    Simply stunning!

  12. Carolee McCaslin says:

    WOW your card is AMAZING!!!!!

  13. Lisa Reber says:

    Wow. Your tree is stunning. Beautiful card.

  14. Hannah D says:

    Just love the tree

  15. MandaLJ says:

    This is so pretty – your tree is just fabulous!

  16. Vera Yates says:

    Nina, this is just stunning! I’d so frame this card. it’s gorgeous.

  17. Kathy R says:

    Beautiful card, LOVE the no line technique.

  18. Linnea Sundstrom says:

    great stamp set you designed!!! and LUV the no-line painting!

  19. Bonnie K. says:

    Wow. Just beautiful. You have quite a gift.

  20. Laurie Brown says:

    Beautiful card!!! Painting is so much fun!!

  21. Brenda says:

    Your painting is stunning! You are a true artist, thanks so much for all the tips and watching you was inspiring!

  22. Connie G says:

    This is just beautiful!! WOW

  23. Retta Lutte says:

    Oh my goodness! This is absolutely breathtaking!!!!!

  24. Traci Lord says:

    So Beautiful! Tfs! 😍😘

  25. Avra N Williams says:

    This is simply beautiful!

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