Holographic Dragonflies + Simon’s Crafty Hugs Blog Hop

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  1. fuck google says:

    sektor benim zaten amin evladi vurgunyedim.l6reO5Cxaghi

  2. Dawn says:

    Beautiful ..love how you did the foliage and the fabulous wings

  3. tina z says:

    wow, so beautiful!

  4. Janet Ranieri says:

    The Holographic Paper is perfect for wings.

  5. BILLIE Sue M WOOLLEY says:

    Thanks for including the new distress color. I haven’t seen it used before. I ordered it anyway and this confirms my decision to purchase. Great card.

  6. Beautiful card…the dragon fly looks real…

  7. Rebecca Ednie says:

    Beautiful! The wings look so awesome!

  8. Amy Cooley says:

    Wow, your card is gorgeous. I love the iridescent wings on the dragonflies.

  9. Andrea D. says:

    Your card is beautiful. I love dragonflies.

  10. Anushree Vaish says:

    Beautiful card and those dragonflies are just fabulous!!

  11. Subhashini S says:

    Love the choice of colors

  12. Gorgeous card, I love the colors, and those dragonflies are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  13. LaraineR says:

    Beautiful card! Love the dragonflies!

  14. Brenda Simpson says:

    Those dragonflies are magnificent!

  15. Dawn Kuechle says:

    OMG holographic dragon flys! I can see this in my future!

  16. Giselaine Ellison says:

    Beautiful card Nina-Marie. I am loving going through all the designers creations showcasing this wonderful SSS release.

  17. Sheila Bacon says:

    I truly love how you used the wildflowers and the Distress Inks to create such an eye-catching card. The dragonflies are an excellent addition as I love and collect dragonfly stamps and dies.

  18. Beautiful card! I love the background color combo!

  19. Thanks for the amazing inspiration! I absolutely love it! And the new release is so fantastic!

  20. Miche says:

    I am wanting to start using the distress oxide ink pads with blender brushes. The colors you used are beautiful. I love your dragon flies. They do look real!!

  21. Teri S. says:

    The dragonflies wings do look real with that stunning holographic paper Nina. I appreciate that great tip you gave using the DOx Wilted Violet, then Black Soot, then Wilted Violet again. It is gorgeous.

  22. Debby Green says:

    Beautiful card! Amazing background and those dragonflies are wonderful.

  23. Tracie Gambino says:

    I just discovered the distress oxide stamp pads, they really produce some amazing results! Your card is stunning!!

  24. Danyelle Dillon says:

    Your card is so pretty. I really love the dragonflies. The silver look on the wings is awesome!

  25. Lisascreativeniche says:

    This is stunning! I see a beautiful sunrise and I love the dragonflies!

  26. Danielle Loenneker says:

    Love the dragonflies on the beautiful background, thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Ellie Lee says:

    Nee to you and I’m a fan!

  28. Heather DePasquale says:

    Beautiful dragonflies. Love this release!

  29. Carol McCready says:

    Your card is gorgeous. I love those dragonflies.

  30. Beth R says:

    I love that steaming technique with the purple and the black, I am going to have to give that a try. Thank you

  31. Cheriese H says:

    Oooh the details in this card are stunning!

  32. Lisa Byers says:

    Your background is beautiful and I love your stunning dragonflies!!

  33. Kathy Dippner says:

    Beautiful card! I love the purple and black flowers over your background. Very striking.

  34. Barb Housner says:

    love this card. Hope to recreate with the supplies I have on hand
    thanks for sharing

  35. Amanda Steele says:

    This card is absolutely stunning!! Never saw that technique before, so thank you for sharing that and the dragonflies are soo beautiful!

  36. Barbara Matthews says:

    I have to have that holographic paper, now! Love your card, from the background to the dragonflies, love it all, thanks for sharing.

  37. Scraporcraft says:

    I love the look of the background and the dragonflies.

  38. Karen Walker says:

    Gorgeous card; love the ink blended background—so lovely—and the wonderful dragonflies!

  39. Kimberly Asman says:

    Beautiful card and love those dragonflies! That holographic paper looks really neat!

  40. Debra says:

    Wow, I love the dragonflies

  41. Deb M. says:

    Beautiful card. I love every detail right down to the beautiful dragonfly!

  42. Katy Glenn says:

    Absolutely lovely and so colorful.

  43. BLJ says:

    Love this card! Dragonflies are beautiful.

  44. Gorgeous. the dragonfly is lovely.

  45. Henriëtte says:

    Gorgeous card NIna-Marie, I love how you made the dragon flies. I have to remember that, the wings from holographic paper are stunning.
    I love this new release, such great products.
    Thank you so much for sharing, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.

  46. Heather Nelson says:

    Gorgeous! The holographic paper is perfect for the wings of that lovely dragonfly. Love all the detail in those dies. Thanks for the great tips and creative ideas!

  47. Michele W says:

    You are right. The holographic paper is perfect for the wings of that lovely dragonfly. Love all the detail in those dies. Thanks for the great tip for layering colors on that background stamp. Clever. I have that stamp set and will definitely be giving this idea a try as well as trying it out on some of my other background stamps. Thanks for sharing!

  48. ck d says:

    Love the dragon flies. Your cards are fabulous. thank you

  49. Eva says:

    Your card is so beautiful

  50. Laurie Kirk says:

    Wow that holographic paper has taken your beautiful card to new heights.

  51. Cate says:

    What a lovely background you have created for these fantastic dragonflies.

  52. Cindi Lynch says:

    Incredible detail on the dragonfly die!

  53. Gayle Chrvala says:

    Great technique, background and those awesome dragonflies.

  54. Marjorie E. says:

    Love what you did with the holographic paper. Stunning.

  55. Jennifer Rasnick says:

    I really need some of this holographic card stock!

  56. Barbara Martin says:

    Your card is so beautiful! Those dragonflies are amazing!

  57. Beautiful, and what an amazing release!

  58. gail says:

    great ink tutorial for those wildflowers

  59. Cheryl H says:

    I loved the way you blended that floral image… Beautiful!

  60. Peg Frushour says:

    Great cards! The paper you used for the wings of the dragonflies is perfect!!

  61. Renee V says:

    So beautiful!!!

  62. Mary Holshouser says:

    Love those dragonflies.
    Wonderful card.
    thanks for sharing

  63. Laura Greig says:

    Lovely! That dragonfly die is amazing!

  64. Jeanne Beam says:

    Beautiful card! The holographic paper add such a special touch…
    Thanks for sharing.

  65. Kathy J in Ellicott City says:

    The holographic dragonflies are wonderful! Great card!

  66. Megan N says:

    I would never have thought of this color combo for ink blending, but it looks gorgeous!!

  67. Laura Budke says:

    These cards are very inspiring. Thank you for showing us ways to use the holographic paper.

  68. Sabrina Radican says:

    Gorgeous card!!

  69. Julie Wexler says:

    Nina- great call to use the holographic paper for wings… just beautiful! And the over stamping on the wildflowers gave a stunning results.

  70. Kim U says:

    Such amazing colors for the background on this pretty card! I really like using the holographic paper for dragonfly wings too!

  71. Lianne says:

    I love the use of holographic paper!

  72. Gab says:

    Very cool card – love the look of the Speckled Egg

  73. Tina Anderson says:

    I love these dragonflies and I love all the new products from SSS!

  74. Maribel Diaz i Mata says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations and for the chance of
    entering in the Simon Says giveaway.

  75. Janet Ranieri says:

    Love that shading technique on the wildflowers!

  76. Joy Soldan says:

    Love the dragonflies with the holographic papers!!! Can’t wait to get my SSS order so I can give them a try!

  77. Cathy says:

    Love the blending on the stamp.

  78. Helen F says:

    Wow! What a gorgeous card! I love those wonderful dragonflies and the way you created the wonderful flower border with the extra stamping. Thanks so much for the super video and inspiration! :)

  79. Laurie Fleuette says:

    Beautiful card! Thanks for sharing.

  80. Lindsey F-NY says:

    Fantastic card! I’d never have thought you could stamp black ink Over the lighter and not destroy it. I was cringing when you started.

  81. Laurie Norris says:

    Such a different card!

  82. Colleen Halpern says:

    Love this card! I also love the holographic paper.

  83. Jennifer colbourne says:

    Beautiful card. Love that dragonfly due ❤️

  84. Dorothy A says:

    Beautiful card! Thank you for the video as well!

  85. Jeanette U says:

    So many designers do dragonflies, but these are really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  86. Denise Bryant says:

    Beautiful colors and details! Love the dragonflies!

  87. Laura says:

    Lovely card! The dragonfly’s look awesome with the holographic paper!

  88. What a gorgeous card! I love the background you created, and the dragonflies look awesome die cut from the holographic cardstock. :)

  89. Renee Wilson says:

    Your card is beautiful!

  90. Joy Golinski says:

    Your card is beautiful! I love that dragonfly and also can’t wait to try out the holographic paper!

  91. Heather Jacobs says:

    I love the dragonfly die so much!! Thanks for the tutorial as well- amazing card!

  92. Tami B says:

    How pretty! Love that paper.

  93. Darcy Cummings says:


  94. Holly Lau says:

    Beautiful card!! Love the design and colors.

  95. I would never have thought to put a seedless preserves silhouette on top of that particular background, but I love how it turned out. And the holographic paper is absolutely perfect for the dragonfly wings. This is lots of colors and shapes I don’t use that often, so I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas.

  96. Patsy says:

    The holographic paper is great!

  97. Terri Mariani says:

    Very beautiful card!

  98. Anne McColley says:

    Beautiful card! I learned a new technique with using black ink! Thanks so much for sharing your work!

  99. Marisela Delgado says:

    Awesome! So beautiful!

  100. This is really beautiful. I love the depth of the background.

  101. Tiesha McKinney says:

    Nice card! I love the holographic paper for the wings of the dragon flies. I can’t wait to try this paper. Thanks for sharing your techniques.

  102. Phyllis Freese says:

    This is an awesome card and your dragonflies look real. I’m anxious to try your inking technique with the black stamped between layers of seedless preserves.

  103. Tammy L Davis says:

    Oh, Nina! This is gorgeous and I love this technique!

  104. Bonnie King says:

    Gorgeous card. I love dragonflies, and made with that holographic paper these are just stunning! Thank you for sharing the awesome stamping and blending techniques.

  105. MaryH says:

    To think I would not have put the dragon fly die on my wishlist until I saw your video. I am in love with the wings with made with the holographic paper. And your feathering ink tip is so useful. Card is very cute and love composition.

  106. Tamala Priebe says:

    Awesome card, I so wanted some of the paper but it was sold out so I guess I will have to wait till its back in stock!!

  107. CAROL W BLAISDELL says:

    Gorgeous card! That paper is awesome!

  108. Mary-Anne V says:

    Wow what an impact that makes using the holographic Paper.

  109. Vicky C says:

    Such a pretty card, and look at that dragonfly! Need that paper!


    The dragonfly wings with holo cardstock is beautiful!

  111. Zlatka K says:

    Your cards are always so cool and beautiful! Love the gradient stamping. The dragonfly die and the holographic paper are so awesome!

  112. Lynn Conlon says:

    I had never seen that ink blending technique. I loved it. I’m always just a bit intimidated by blending so this was great for me to see. You card was beautiful I loved the dragonflies.
    Thanks for sharing. Stay safe and healthy.

  113. Janet Durbin says:

    The holographic dragonfly is awesome! Great card!

  114. Becky Moore says:

    The ink blended background is so pretty! And you are right, holographic dragonflies rock!

  115. Miriam Prantner says:

    Oh I love the color combos you used here and the inking/ombre stamping. Just so pretty!

  116. Rhonda Huggins says:

    Oh yeah, I love that ink blending technique with the background stamp!
    I need to clear off some clutter and try it. I am enamoured of the dragonfly dies, too. If I can get it, I will be putting them on everything. Thanks, Nina Marie????

  117. Melinda D says:

    Dragonflies are my favorite insect. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  118. Connie Williams says:

    Your card made me buy the holographic paper. Very pretty love the colors

  119. Debbie P says:

    Fantastic card. Great tips. Thank you. Love the new release.

  120. Carol Wortman says:

    Wow! The dragonflies are so realistic! Now you really raised my eyebrows when you added the black…yikes….!??, but. WOW that’s beautiful! I now see what could be a bright, beautiful and respectful sympathy card! ♥️

  121. Maureen Reiss says:

    Beautiful card!!!! I NEED this die and holographic paper!!!!

  122. Karyn K Siemering says:

    Love love!!! Beautiful card! Love the shimmery wings on the dragon fly

  123. Elizabeth Petersen says:

    Your dragonflies are amazing! What a lovely job you did!

  124. Tina Collett says:

    That’s a beautiful card!

  125. Tammy Federspiel says:

    Lovely dragonfly cards!

  126. Elaine Sigmon says:

    love the dragonflies! thanks for the inspiration!

  127. MP says:

    That is such a lovely card.

  128. Mona L Armstrong says:

    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  129. Patty says:

    beautiful dragonfly wings. Would love to win this and make something for my daughter

  130. Judy Inukai says:

    The dragonflies are so beautiful and shimmery on the holographic paper.

  131. Connie Kahl says:

    Yes! Adore the dragonflies. The use of this die on Hologram papers is stunning.

  132. Lindar C says:

    Very pretty! Love the dragonfly wings.

  133. Anna Grace Tooley says:

    That card is absolutely beautiful!

  134. Linda Evans says:

    Great way to blend the inks on the stamp. Thank you! You created a lovely card.

  135. Lois says:

    Beautiful card. Loved your triple stamping technique. Thanks for sharing.

  136. Dawn Tooley says:

    Love your card! Thanks for sharing!

  137. SueB says:

    Love the Idea of using holographic paper for the dragonflies’ wings. Beautiful card.

  138. Lauryne Cunningham says:

    Gorgeous card! I love how you inked the wildflowers! The holographic paper looks great on the wings!

  139. Julie Miller says:

    Love the idea of using holographic paper for wings!

  140. joy meadows says:

    Love this card! I ordered the dragonfly die yesterday, but, alas, the holographic paper is sold out! Bummer.

  141. Angi Redd says:

    What a great inking technique! Great card!

  142. Becky Pilcher says:

    I was truly amazed when you stamped the gray on top of the pink. It truly means I need to invest in some distress oxide inks

  143. Love dragonflies! This card is amazing.

  144. Donna L Scobey says:

    Learned so much about using distress oxides. Thanks

  145. Jade says:

    I absolutely love your card. Everything about it is amazing. The holographic paper really makes a fabulous background. So cool

  146. Patty A Eifert says:

    Wow …this is beautiful!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  147. ava gavloski says:

    Dragonflies are my favorite. Well done.

  148. Kate Treasure says:

    So pretty! I love this design! The dragonfly is perfect!

  149. Lee Miner says:

    LOVE this card, the colors are different and just right and the dragonflies are fabulous.

  150. Linda Lentz says:

    Love the holographic dragonfly. Can’t wait to get it.

  151. NickiB says:

    You color choices and blending is amazing

  152. Sandy S. says:

    Yowza! I love everything about this card! The three layers of ink on the stamp is brilliant, and the holographic dragonflies are stunninbg.

  153. Cindy Aguirre says:

    Beautiful card! Thanks for the techniqes! Love this dragonfly too!

  154. Paula M. says:

    Your card is beautiful! The dragonfly is perfect.

  155. Debra says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your cards.

  156. Debbie Cornish says:

    Gorgeous card. The way you did your dragonflies makes them so unique and adds so much to the card.

  157. Nicole Bell says:

    The colour combo for this background is amazing! An works so well with the holographic paper – I love it.

  158. Amazing! I just saw Jennifer McGuire using holographic paper the other day….I love it as dragonfly wings! So clever and beautiful!

  159. Cheryl S says:

    Absolutely beautiful card and the holographic butterfly wings are the Wow on this card!

  160. Cyndi Morris says:

    Beautiful card. I love that dragonfly and your ink blended background is amazing.

  161. Dee Earnshaw says:

    stunning card – these dragonflies are gorgeous – must have!!

  162. Kelley Dophied says:

    This card is gorgeous! I love how the flowers pop with that yellow-orange background.

  163. Denise Mlady says:

    This card is gorgeous, beautiful ink blending and love the dragonflies! That die is my favorite thing from this collection.

  164. The Dragonfly with etching looks wonderful. I have seen some real Dragonflies around our pool. Use to see alot more but same as Butterflies not many like then.

  165. Michelle Patricia Anders says:

    Lovely card and the dragonfly is making a comeback I see.

  166. Miesje Flach says:

    Beautiful – I am so glad that I ordered the dragonfly! You made it look so wonderful!

  167. Pamela R Schultz says:

    I totally agree with you, Nina. The holographic paper makes the dragonflies incredible. Thanks for sharing your card idea. Gorgeous.

  168. Michelle Hackett says:

    This is exquisite!

  169. Joanne M Hoffmann says:

    What a beautiful colorful card project! Love the detail in your scene!!

  170. Sandye says:

    So pretty! Love your card.

  171. Joanne Travis says:

    The holographic paper for the dragonfly wings is awesome! Beautiful card, Nina.

  172. Chris H says:

    Really beautiful colors, blending, and the dragonflies are stunning

  173. Brenda L. Kuder says:

    I love your card! I have to get the dragonfly die and the holograph paper!

  174. Lisa Chin says:

    Beautiful card and love the layered stamping tip. Going to try that!

  175. Nancy R. says:

    A wonderful all around card from the blending, silhouette and the holographic dragonfly!

  176. Patricia in Texas says:

    What a lovely scene! And different as usually people show dragonflies almost alone. The new Speckled Egg looks really good as a sky.

  177. Barbara-Jean says:

    What a beautiful card! and yes, those dragonflies really are attractive!

  178. Chandhini says:

    That’s a gorgeous card, love the holographic dragonflies.

  179. Christine Polasko says:

    I am in love with this dragonfly die and the holographic paper. They are a perfect match fr making dragonflies. Love this card so much.

  180. SUE E KUJAWA says:

    Your card is cool with the blending of colors and the dragonfly of course

  181. Judy says:

    Love the wildflowers. The dragonflies are stunning!

  182. Kay Furnish says:

    Wow! Such a great idea to cut the dragonfly wings from the holographic paper! Your card is amazing and I’m going to “borrow” that wing idea!

  183. Ooh this is so good! Love the colors and the dragonfly! <3

  184. La Rae Prentice says:

    Such beautiful use of color…this is a lovely card.

  185. Barb Chmura says:

    What a lovely card! The dragonflies are such a nice touch!

  186. Emma Sleppy says:

    Beautiful, Nina. You sold me on this dragonfly!

  187. sharon gullikson says:

    The holographic look is wonderful. I am going to think of my holographic paper for new applications now….. LOVE THIS

  188. Mary BUtler says:

    Great use of the inks and holographic paper.

  189. Jeanne Ragan says:

    That Holographic paper is just perfect for those beautiful dragonflies!! Love your design!

  190. barbara lassiter says:

    Beautiful. The dragon flies are gorgeous and you’re right, the paper is perfect for that. I just received my Speckled Egg Distress ink and love the colors you used with it for the stunning background! I’m writing those down now! :)

  191. Patti says:

    Love that combination of blended colors!

  192. Paula Haller says:

    You are right….the Holographic Papers and the Etched Dragonflies make for a gorgeous combo! Beautiful card.

  193. Gloria Iba says:

    This is too pretty. I love the paper…need to get some!

  194. Gloria Iba says:

    This is too pretty. I learned something today, thank you

  195. Gayle M says:

    This card is amazing!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  196. Stephanie says:

    Fabulous, as always!

  197. Toni Kwaiser says:

    Beautiful colors! Gorgeous card! Thanks for sharing.

  198. Yvonne Boucher says:

    Love your card…the background is great and your dragonflies are so cool! Great tutorial!!!

  199. Cynthia says:

    Beautiful card. Before this blog hop, I had never considered using iridescent paper. I love the way you did. It’s given me some ideas I plan to try.

  200. Theresa Gerlach says:

    The dragonflies are too darn cute. Great idea using the holographic paper. Made them come to life! Thanks for sharing.

  201. Wanda S Radler says:

    Beautiful card – I love those dragonflies and the holographic paper.

  202. Patricia Beck says:

    I will try your ink blending color combo…once I acquire the new speckled egg combo. Your card is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it.

  203. Holly Mahoney says:

    Lovely card! It reminds me of a nature walk.

  204. Helen S says:

    That paper is now on my shopping list – thanks for the idea!

  205. Meghan Kennihan says:

    I love your ink blending and the way you did the dragonflies! GORGEOUS scene!

  206. Jody V says:

    Love your card. Thanks for sharing.

  207. Annie Dill says:

    That is a creative card!

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