The Perfect Time for Colorful and Encouraging [ Simon’s April 2020 Card Kit ]

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  1. MBFairySky says:

    Stunning colors Nina! It’s a very wonderful card!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Cathy Loveless says:

    Where are the raindrop crystals from? I love this card, especially during this time

    • ninamarie says:

      Hey Cathy! They are from Tonic Studios. I couldn’t find them on Simon Says Stamp’s store (that’s where I originally got them), so they may not be around any longer.

  3. Debbie P says:

    Fantastic card. Thank you for the great tips. Wishing you and your family to stay healthy and safe.

  4. Judy says:

    This is wonderful in so many ways, thank you. On your rainbow umbrella card it says thinking of you and after the storm comes the rainbows, but what sentiment would you put on the inside?

  5. Carol Wells says:

    Adorable! This really did brighten my day, and I thank you! :)

  6. Barbara-Jean says:

    I enjoyed the video, too. I ordered the stamp set, but not the whole kit and was curious about how you colored everything. Now I know! Guess I’ll have to do my own coloring! Do like the idea of the raised umbrella and skirt! Thanks!

  7. Jeanne Sarna says:

    This is a wonderful card, and one of the best uses of patterned paper I have seen. I didn’t see the gems in your list, are they still available?

    • ninamarie says:

      The gems are from Tonic Studios. I had gotten them from Simon Says Stamp’s store but I cannot find them anymore so I believe they are no longer available. I’m sorry!

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