Multicolor Foil + Simon’s Blossoms and Butterflies Hop

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  1. Avatar Kelly Butler says:

    Love how this came out.😍 I have new Deco foil and the gel, but havent used it yet. Ill watch ur video n give it a go. Thanks for sharing

  2. Avatar Chris says:

    Oh boy a new technique to try! I would be proud to send a card this. TFS

  3. Avatar Monia Lisa says:

    These cards are gorgeous! :) Thx for tutorial

  4. Beautiful, Nina-Marie, I love these!

  5. Avatar sandy M says:

    Your foiled cards turned out fabulous. I love being able to use stencils other than the usual way.

  6. Avatar Sue Symens says:

    Great use of that stencil!

  7. Avatar Connie Magar says:

    Thanks for sharing, love the use of the stencil.

  8. Avatar Emma Sleppy says:

    Great video. I guess I REALLY need to try foiling. Perfect stencil for this!

  9. Avatar Janet Durbin says:

    Great card, love the shine!

  10. Avatar Stacey Kowbel says:

    Fabulous card! I love the foil!

  11. Avatar Della says:

    Love this card you made with stencil and thanks for sharing the video

  12. Avatar Leilani Green says:

    These are lovely. The shine is simply gorgeus.

  13. Avatar Terry Deason says:

    Gorgeous! I would have never thought about using foil.

  14. Avatar colleen moore says:


  15. Avatar Subhashini says:

    Stencils are my all time favorite, love your card with foil!!

  16. Avatar Margaret T. says:

    Use stencils…what a great reminder to pull them out. Lovely result!

  17. Avatar Louanne Collins says:

    Looks like fun making that card! Gorgeous colors – thanks for sharing your creation!

  18. Your card is gorgeous, I really love this new release!!

  19. Avatar Patt H. says:

    Love this bright cheery card! I forget about using stencils but will be getting them out soon after seeing your lovely creation!

  20. Avatar Giselaine Elllison says:

    Beautiful card. Love the new SSS release.

  21. Avatar Deb Selby says:

    Great looking card.

  22. Avatar Kate Dykstra says:

    Such a pretty card! The stenciling looks fabulous – and the sequins are the perfect touch!!

  23. Avatar nancy f says:

    Great cards and a great release!

  24. Avatar barbara lassiter says:

    Pure genius! What a great use of the stencil and a beautiful card.

  25. Avatar Jennifer S says:

    Such a pretty card!!

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