Contrast & Texture with Watercolor + Picket Fence & Memory Box

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  1. Avatar Teresa Trump says:

    Loved your water colored card. Thanks for the tips for texture.

  2. Avatar Andrea Hastilow says:

    Two beautifully designed cards Nina. I see me in this stamp set from when I was at art college, funny how we both see ourselves, only my me would have been wearing a rock band t-shirt & shades of black & purple. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Avatar Cheri says:

    Wonderful card – just LOVE it!!

  4. Avatar Lenice W says:

    Beautiful cards. Love the paint splatters, backgrounds, and use of universal layering. Great job!

  5. Avatar Barbara Smith says:

    Fantastic card! Love the video. Love the water color techniques.

  6. Avatar Pattie A Hillenberg says:

    Hi!!! I totally love this card….the colours & everything about it ….Thank you for inspiring us…😍

  7. Avatar Cathy M says:

    Hi Nina-Marie. I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this card. You did an amazing job.

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