Prima Watercolor Confections: How I Store Them

Hello creative friends! Last week I shared a photo of some organization I did on Sunday, primarily my Prima Watercolor Confections.

If you are familiar with Prima Watercolor Confections, you know that these pretty watercolors come in sets of 12, packaged in cute little tins. The tins are great, but when you have all the colors (amounting to many tins), it became hard for me to use them because I always had a bunch of tins taking up space in my studio and my desk. So I needed a solution…

Prima Watercolor Confections: How I Store Them

If you watch the video above, I’ll share the details of how I arrived at the storage solution you see here, which is the Mijello Airtight Watercolor Palette. The inner dimensions of the palette are about 5 1/2 by 12 1/2, so if you don’t have this exact palette, something about this size will give you similar results as my palette.

I have loved working with this DIY palette, as it has made creating with these watercolors so much easier. I hope that seeing how I created this palette for my Prima Watercolor Confections has helped you and inspired you to try this for yourself!

Thanks so much for visiting me today! I will be back very soon with another tutorial for you!

Prima Watercolor Confections: How I Store Them
Prima Watercolor Confections: How I Store Them
supplies used

Prima Marketing COMPLEXION Watercolor…
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Prima Marketing WOODLANDS Watercolor…
[ SSS ]
Prima Marketing ESSENCE Watercolor…
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Prima Marketing ODYSSEY Watercolor…
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Prima Marketing PASTEL DREAMS…
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Prima Marketing THE CLASSICS…
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Prima Marketing DECADENT PIES…
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Prima Marketing TROPICALS Watercolor…
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Strathmore WATERCOLOR 9×12 PAD 12…
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12 Responses

  1. Pamela Wilcock says:

    I had the same dilemma, and did much the same in a 48 pan meeden tin from Amazon, and oh how lovely they look, and how easy to use.

  2. Dar says:

    Thank you for this post! I’m a nitnwhen it comes to hue order and color families. Is there a straight-up picture of your number chart? I’ve swatched my pans and a little help with getting my pans in order would be super helpful. Thanks for reading!

  3. Tracy Blacquiere says:

    Hi. On your website you are showing us a huge palette of colour inside a specific holder. My question is NOT about the holder, I want to know where I can find all those watercolor palettes. I can only find like six or ten colours in a kit. Can you advise? Thanks. Love your website…….

  4. Bas says:


    Such a nice palette!

    I heard you say that it fits 108 colors. does it align with the other rows or do you have to turn the half-pan the other direction?
    Also, if you turn the palette upside down, does the lid keep the half-pans in place or do they need to be glued down.

    Thank you so much for your help and all the great ideas you share with us!

  5. Geralyn Hodges says:

    I’m a little late to the game here, but I totally agree with Karen and Sherry, it would be so helpful if you could post a picture of the full palette so we could see exactly how you set it up! I love this idea and have ordered the bigger palette (supposed to be coming from Amazon today), but would just love a picture or even just a list of the order of the pans in your palette! Thanks so much for the video and the suggestions!

  6. Kym says:

    Hi Nina-Marie, Thank you for the video! I am collecting the Prima & Jane Davenport palettes and was looking for a way to keep them together. Your solution seems perfect! I do have one question, how do you keep the little pans attached to the plastic palette?

  7. Karen Fritz says:

    Nina, I too watch all of your videos but rarely comment. I have all of the Prima colors, and ordered the palette you have. I was just looking at the blog post and was unable to find a full photo of your complete swatch card either. I agree with Sherry that it would be extremely helpful if you would post a photo of your complete card. Thanks.

  8. Sherry says:

    Hi Nina, I watch all the time but do not leave comments…I have a request, could you put up a full picture of the watercolor swatch card that you store inside the watercolor palette? I do not have all the colors yet, but I would like to set up my palette and swatch card and just cannot see all the color numbers…many thanks!

  9. Susan Pezza says:

    Hi Nina-Marie, I love watching your videos and they get sent right to my inbox which makes it so easy :) . I especially love your organizational videos because well I’m an organizational junkie, LOL!! I think it comes from helping raise not only my two boys, but my two nieces as well, my house was utter chaos for awhile, they were first grade, second grade, third grade and fourth grade, but we got through it. I just really needed things organized! Now all four kids are grown and college graduates and productive human beings!!

    I still like things organized, but we’ve recently downsized to a smaller house so it’s not so bad anymore, but I’m still working on my new Studio and I’ve really enjoyed your organizational tricks you’ve shared, so thank you.

    The one for the watercolors blew my mind, because I’ve had the same trouble as you’ve had. I have all but one of the Prima’s and all of the Jane Davenport watercolors as well that are just like the Prima’s, same manufacturer I believe and I’ve had a hard time finding a place to store them all in. A friend had the watercolor palette you suggested that would fit the Prima’s in, but it doesn’t. The top palette doesn’t remove, so I did a little research on Amazon and YouTube and this is the one I believe you have .

    I hope this helps you out and others. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see other great organizational tips and tricks in the future!!

  10. Teresa Doyle says:

    These are beautiful water colours. Some great tips here for organizing them.

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