Studio Monday with Nina-Marie: Creating a Minimalistic Style

Creating a Minimalist Style | Nina-Marie Design

Hello everyone and Happy Monday! I wanted to share my newest video with you that I have up on the Simon Says Stamp blog today. Have you heard that today (Feb. 20th) is Love Your Pet Day? Its a special day to celebrate how much we love the pets we have in our lives!

Since today is Love Your Pet day, I thought it would be a perfect time to use pet-themed products in this week’s Studio Monday post! I have chosen to work with the Frenchie Frenchie cling stamp from La La Land Crafts, along with their Heart Speech Bubble dies. La La Land products are new to me, but I’ve been very pleased with the quality of both their stamps and dies!

Creating a Minimalist Style | Nina-Marie Design

The cute pup in the Frenchie Frenchie stamp set TOTALLY reminded me of two of my friends’ pets. Because of that, I colored the dog to look like their pets! The golden brown dog reminds me of my friend Stephanie’s new pup named Lucas. The brown and white dog looks just like my friend Heidi’s dog named Simon (which happens to be who Simon Says Stamp is named after)! I think it is so much fun to color pet themed products to look like pets we (or our friends) have in our lives!

And while I am talking about the dogs that I colored in these cards: I have all the color combinations that I used today listed below. I colored the images with Copic markers.


  • dog: E50, E53, Y28, E00, R01

  • beret: R24, R27, R46

  • shirt: B26, B18, B39

  • scarf: R24, R27, C0, C1

  • ground:  C00, C1, C2, C4


  • dog: E42, E43, E44, E47

  • beret: YR04, YR07, YR09

  • shirt: BG32, BG13, BG15

  • scarf: Y32, Y38, C00, C1

  • ground: W0, W2, W4

Creating a Minimalistic Style | Nina-Marie Design

One of the main things I wanted to focus on in today’s video is creating a minimalistic design. These could also be classified as clean and simple. This type of card design, while it may look simple to create, actually requires a bit of thought.

For a card to carry minimalism correctly, you have to make sure that there is one element that carries the weight of the design to draw the viewer’s attention. All the other elements you add should not distract from, but rather frame the centerpiece.

All art is a form of communication. With minimalism, this means communicating that message clearly with as few elements as possible without leaving the artwork feeling like it is lacking something.

Creating a Minimalistic Style | Nina-Marie Design

There are a few principles of minimalism that I think will help you in creating a clean and simple card. These should help make sure your card carries the message you want to send:

Creating a Minimalistic Style | Nina-Marie Design

Okay! So that was quite a bit of information to take in, but I believe it is important for you as artists to learn these techniques to help take your designs to the next level. And don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed by the idea of putting the extra thought into a clean and simple card. Believe me, I have been designing for a long time and I know that after doing it so long, its like a second nature. You don’t really think about it anymore; its instead all part of the process.

So I hope you will check out the video to see how I made these cards and hear a bit more about creating minimalistic cards! It really is fun and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed creating it! Thanks for visiting with me today… I will see you again next week!



Creating a Minimalist Style | Nina-Marie Design


If you are interested in any of the products used in this post, I have them all linked below to Simon Says Stamp. Affiliate links used when possible.

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    Beautiful cards, thanks for the artistic tips! It will help me so much not to struggle with layout

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