2 Ways to Use Embellishment Mousse with Stencils + Simon’s March Card Kit

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  1. Avatar Angela Fishburn says:

    My daughter and I watch your posts together every time a new one is up! We’ve learned so much from you! We’ve scrap booked together for years and just started card making around Thanks Giving last yr as I’ve developed an immune disorder and can’t be “out” anymore to be with my family doing things and getting pics. We are both disabled now so we have a very limited income, so we share a SSS card kit. We were so excited for the Nuvo Mousse but had NO IDEA how to use anything like it. Since learning and be inspired by your videos we’ve become texture paste addicts! We’ve got 2 well used stencils now! We’ve had so much fun and its really added something to my life. Just because I can’t spend much time with my family because of my health doesn’t mean that I can’t send them a “happy card” to let them know I’m thinking of them even when I’m not on the phone! Thank you Nina! Hope you have an amazing day as you’re an amazing young lady! Sincerely, Angie & Sasha

  2. Avatar Leanne in Cali says:

    Thanks for your great video with this new kit! Your cards are so fun!!

  3. Avatar Teresa Doyle says:

    Great cards, videos and definitely an amazing kit! I wish I could afford to subscribe to them monthly… .Someday maybe!

    • Avatar Angela Fishburn says:

      I understand! My daughter and I share a kit. We take turns choosing which papers & card stock we want then add in some white card stock so we each can make cards. We also share papers that have sentiments etc. It would be so wonderful for us to be able to have our own but this works. Maybe you can find someone to go halvies with you too. That would be great! I sure hope something works out. I understand the want…

  4. Avatar Sonia J says:

    Love your cards and I really enjoyed your video! Thank you for the inspiration Nina Marie!

  5. Avatar Brandi R says:

    These are sooooo cute! Great use of the gorgeous embellishment mousse! Love your cards and this kit ♥

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