Double Frame Shaker + Hop

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  1. Avatar Gina says:

    Great idea for a double framed shaker card! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous card and love how you double framed the scene!! You designers are so inspiring and the projects just better and better!! I am blown away! Fabulous work!

  3. Avatar Flo says:

    Love the color you used and the irredescent sequins you put in the shaker.

  4. Avatar Kate B says:

    Great card & design!

  5. Avatar Amy Y says:

    love the double shaker card, with the adorable stamps from PPP

  6. Avatar Debbie says:

    I love the double shaker idea. So cute!

  7. Avatar Madhvi Shah says:

    Such a pretty idea

  8. Avatar lolyborda43 says:

    I love your double frame shaker! TFS

  9. Avatar amandachristensens says:

    What a terrific shaker card! I love the double frame!

  10. Avatar Judie Attard says:

    What an adorable shaker card! Love the colour of the sequins!

  11. Avatar Kate says:

    So sweet! The double frame looks spectacular and I especially like the addition of the tiny bow. Such a fabulous touch!

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  12. Avatar Kathy Mc says:

    I’ve yet to make a shaker card, and here you have a beautiful double shaker. Very clever design!

  13. Avatar Tami says:

    WOW a double shaker. Great card and very inspiring.

  14. Avatar Neha tulsyan says:

    Loved the double framing. Amazing card.

  15. Avatar Jennifer K says:

    I love your card, the double shaker is very cool!

  16. Avatar Lucy E. says:

    I love the double frame!
    Such a sweet card!

  17. Avatar arlsmomLynda says:

    Love shaker cards!!!!

  18. Avatar Kelly B. says:

    I love this happy, happy card!

  19. Avatar Barbara M. says:

    Love the shaker card.

  20. Avatar Bobbie Bluegill says:

    Twice the shaker, twice the cute.

  21. Avatar Denise Ward says:

    This is such a great design! I bet it looks even better in person than it does online. I really like how you used the different PPP elements!

  22. Avatar Toni Callahan says:

    I love this sweet card with the double circle stitched and scalloped frames and shaker full of lovely ppp sequins. I also love the grass under the three sweet little chicks. Super cute!

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