Sequin Storage Using the Tiny Container Tray

Hi Everyone! Today I have the pleasure of being over on the Pretty Pink Posh blog, featuring organization and storing tips for your sequins!

I love the Tiny Container Tray by Beads Storage Solutions for keeping my little sequins and embellishments organized, and I’ve been using my trays for over a year.

Sequin Storage Tiny Container Tray_4

In the video over on the Pretty Pink Posh blog, I’ve got a in-depth look of the organizational (and stylish!) benefits of having this tray.

If you are interested  stop by the blog and check it out! Hope to see you there! :)


2 Responses

  1. Debbie Burnham says:

    Living in Vermont, my sequins are always full of static. Thank you for the tip of using a destatic embossing tool. I love the container also.

  2. María Alba Negrón says:


    I LOVE this organization and NEED one so thanks for the chance to win, I have some of your dies which are FANTASTIC, but have yet to have your sequins which I am dying to have!

    María Alba

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