Coloring with Copics + Pencil Details + Altenew’s 5th Anniversary Blog Hop

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  1. Avatar Michelle Leone says:

    Beautifully colored florals and love, LOVE the delicate, glittered sentiment!! Stunning!

  2. Avatar Trish F says:

    How beautiful! You really are an artist, I would love to see a video tutorial on your coloring technique. Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary Altenew!

  3. Avatar d says:

    Beautiful coloring on this card. So pretty!!

  4. Avatar Sue D says:

    So pretty. Love the sparkly hugs.

  5. Avatar Tamara Miera says:

    The coloring in these flowers is just STUNNING!!!!

  6. Avatar Anne Lee says:

    Such a beautiful card!! The turquoise really does complement the florals well

  7. Avatar Stephanie Z says:

    Beautiful floral card :)

  8. Avatar Tracy says:

    Very pretty card!

  9. Avatar Theresa Johnson says:

    Love the floral with the gold accent. Saying is wonderful!

  10. Avatar Victoria Spragin says:

    I love the gold on this card. It makes everything pop!

  11. Avatar Lori Polentz says:


  12. Avatar Caroline Livermore says:

    Lovely! I can’t wait to try your ideas out! Happy birthday Altenew!

  13. Avatar Lisa Byers says:

    The flowers look so real!! I love the colors and the design. You always amaze and wow!!

  14. Avatar Carissa Workman says:

    To be honest I saw this little stamp set and passed right over it, however, seeing what you did with that lovely lily, well, it’s on my ‘want list’ now!
    Thank you for your amazing inspiration!

  15. Avatar Cheryl Rigney says:

    This card is gorgeous!! Love your coloring!

  16. Avatar Elizabeth G says:

    Love the effect you achieve with the layers.

  17. Avatar Debbie Duran says:

    Lovely, just lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Avatar Heather Mills says:

    GORGEOUS!!! Love the gold embossing; it adds a touch of elegance and glamour!

  19. Avatar DAYNA YVONNE JACKSON says:

    I REALLY LOVE your coloring & shading on those lilies! Sssooooooo natural!

  20. Avatar Valerie Ward says:

    WOW!!! Gorgeous!!!!!

  21. Avatar Aimee LaCroix-Slocum says:

    Stunning card! Love the gold….so elegant

  22. Wow! Stunning card! Love the layered flowers. And the sentiment is gorgeous! Congrats to Altenew on completing 5 years. Wishing them many more years of success.

  23. I can’t tell those are colored by copic markers. Wish I can see a video on how you do it.

  24. Avatar Annette Reed says:

    This is stunning! Those flowers are gorgeous! I’ve never tried layering pencils on top of markers. I need to watch some videos to learn because the look is spectacular.

  25. Avatar Laurie Brown says:

    So gorgeous!! Love all the detail!!!

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