Retro Night Scene + Hop

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  1. Avatar KatieP says:

    Nina Marie love these new products and love how you used the retro stamps. So cute.

  2. Avatar Terry S. says:

    I absolutely adore your retro Jetsons thank you card!

  3. Avatar Nina MacFerren says:

    I’m Nina too! Cute card. Very creative!

  4. Avatar Gail Owens says:

    I sure like your take on the retro! Nice colors, too!

  5. Avatar Patty E says:

    Amazing retro card!!

  6. Great way to use the Retro Thanks stamp set! Very cool look!

  7. Avatar LC says:

    What an amazingly vibrant and bold design! Love it!

  8. Avatar Dyna L. says:

    LOVING this release. Great retro card:)

  9. Avatar lynnkbrumm says:

    Maaaan O Man! Love it! Would be fun to win!

  10. Avatar Indy says:

    The colors are superb as is your card!

  11. Avatar Pat McCleary says:

    A most creative & unique card. Those old TV shows were reruns for you- Wish I could say that

  12. Avatar Patricia Ladd says:

    What a cute “out of this world” card. You did a great job on the background coloring.

  13. Avatar Denise Fonda says:

    Thank you for your designs, they are great.

  14. Avatar Marsha S. says:

    Great card! You reminded me when I also watched those shows!

  15. Avatar B MacNutt says:

    Such a cool card! You are super talented and I always enjoy your videos!

  16. Avatar Cynthia O. says:

    I’m a HUGE Jetson’s fan and thought of the show immediately when I saw your card! :) Love the fabulous background as well, Nina. This may be my second favorite set from the release… first being a Beautiful Ride!

  17. Avatar Sue Bouch says:

    Such a cute card… I remember The Jetsons… That’s it exactly! Thanks and have a great day! :)

  18. Avatar Diane Swanson says:

    Outstanding card!

  19. Avatar Cecilia H says:

    Cute card. I love this retro set. It reminds me of the Jetsons!

  20. Avatar Jennifer Mitten says:

    I love this – the colors are so vibrant and I love that retro vibe.

  21. Avatar Birt says:

    Cute retro card…and yes I loved the Jetson’s too. You did a great job of imitating the suspending buildings !

  22. Avatar Lady Fair says:

    Oh my goodness! Love the card, love the colors, love the design. And, most of all, loved the trip down memory lane.

  23. Avatar melliott32 says:

    Colours look fantastic

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