No Line Watercolor Background + Blog Hop

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  1. Avatar Kelly Kennedy says:

    Just love this background, it’s so versatile!

  2. Avatar Jennifer Petersen says:

    Wow! So beautiful and detailed!

  3. Avatar Marisela Delgado says:

    You always rock it, girl. You make fabulous cards.

  4. Avatar Karen Page says:

    Kudos to you for all the time that must have taken! If you would have suggested it to me I’d have said “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” but I guess I’d be wrong ;-)

  5. Avatar Artconquers says:

    Wow! Gorgeous background with gold embossing! Love the color combination of your card!Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Avatar S Jameson says:

    This is stunning. Thanks for opening my eyes to Finetec watercolors too… I have a feeling those are going on my Christmas list!

  7. Avatar amy bishop says:

    This is one of those projects I would do when I need to immerse myself in a stress releasing situation. Its
    hard to focus on problems and worries when you do something like this. I’d rather focus on coloring any day.
    Thanks for sharing it!!!

  8. Avatar Patty Eifert says:

    Beautiful background!!

  9. Avatar Nancy R. says:

    I was immediately drawn to your card Nina. I love the gold with the bright colors. I have definitely added the stamp and paints to my wish list!

  10. Avatar DJ Doss says:

    This is really pretty. Very ambitious but the results are so worth it. TFS!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous, Nina Marie! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Avatar Rachel says:

    This turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing your process video.

  13. Avatar Jo-Anne Tedford says:

    I love the way this turned ot! It’s beautiful!

  14. Avatar JennyN says:

    Beautiful card, very pretty colours!

  15. Avatar Amy Cooley says:

    This is such a cool background! Great new stamp set.

  16. Avatar Kit A says:

    Cool card. Great new release.

  17. Avatar Sue D says:

    Wow–this is fabulous!

  18. Avatar Aimee Phillips says:

    Love the look of your card. Sooo pretty.
    Great card and releases.

  19. Avatar Kim Salito says:

    Great card, I am going to use your technique for my sons birthday. I think it will work perfectly.

  20. Avatar Kathy Dippner says:

    Wow! That came out beautifully.

  21. Avatar Audrey says:

    What a gorgeous design!!!

  22. Avatar Monica Linerode says:

    It is something on how the card was watercolored. so pretty. thanks for sharing.

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