Slimline No-Line Watercolor + Embossing with a Stencil + Hop!

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  1. Avatar SabineVDK says:

    Such a pretty card!

  2. Avatar Barb Martin says:

    Nina, this stamp set you designed is my favorite! Your watercoloring is always wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Avatar Lara Read says:

    Just amazing! Thank you and thank you for the video it helps so much!

  4. Avatar Linda Wood says:

    Your card is beautiful and bright and so Spring-like. I need to try some water coloring, I think it looks great on cards.

  5. Avatar Dawn Tooley says:

    Beautiful Card! You do such a wonderful job at painting! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Avatar Deanna S. says:

    Very cute! Love your card!

  7. Avatar Lois K says:

    Such a beautiful card. Love the online water coloring. Thanks for sharing your inspiration

  8. Avatar Phyllis Wendt says:

    I love this card, It is so beautiful, You make it look easy

  9. Avatar Carol Wortman says:

    Such a lovely lovely watercoloring. To divide it into 2 is perfect for this beautiful garden! With beauty like the Floral Garden Stamp it needs to be shared. Wouldnt it be sweet to give 1/2 to each Mom and mom in law. For Mothers day.

  10. Avatar Pamag says:

    I like your artistic flair. It was fun to watch you watercolor your own design.

  11. Avatar Lee Miner says:

    Love your new design. I saw Amanda (Little Crafty Pill) version and loved that clean and simple version too. Great stamp!

  12. Avatar Jacqueline Korevaar says:

    Lovely job. I am thinking of starting to use water colours and this has inspired me!

  13. Avatar Sheila Bacon says:

    I truly love the card that you created with the no line water coloring technique – so colorful and “airy”. I watched your video which was informative and have also bookmarked it for future viewings. Thank you for inspiring me.

  14. Avatar Jade says:

    I love your floral garden card! Your watercoloring is incredible and exquisite!

  15. Avatar Rebecca Hood says:

    You did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty & joy of your wildflowers in your illustration. Then your watercoloring on top of that? Wowza! Just lovely! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us!

  16. Avatar BECCA YAHRLING says:

    Goodness, Nina, this is simply stunning!!!

  17. Avatar Luci says:

    Thank you, so beautiful and inspiring.

  18. Avatar Denise Ward says:

    Wow! Love the floral stamp set you illustrated! The flowers really do look like the ones in your yard, especially with the way you painted them in today’s card! I also really like the Thinking of You sentiment you chose. It is bold, beautiful and perfectly helps someone feel special.

  19. Avatar Alyson Cordio says:

    I can’t wait to try all the techniques you shared. Thank you!

  20. Avatar Cindy C. says:

    So pretty and bright!

  21. Avatar Diana says:

    Very pretty card – the colors are beautiful.

  22. Avatar Hanh says:

    Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the pretty colors! Thank you for sharing this amazing inspiration!

  23. Avatar Cindy says:

    So bright and pretty. Your card is lovely.

  24. Avatar Kit A says:

    Great card! The no line water coloring is beautiful. I have tried it before with not such good results. I am inspired to try again.

  25. I just love these ideas on how to make my projects. Thank you for your inspiration.

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