2 Interactive Toilet-Themed Cards + Simon’s Let’s Connect Blog Hop!

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  1. Avatar Marianne says:

    Such fun card! And so fitting in these troublesome times.

  2. Avatar Lisa M says:

    I think your cards are funny and lighthearted. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  3. Avatar Connie Johnson says:

    Hi Nina Marie :) Your cards will bring a smile to their recipients I’m sure!!! So stinkin’ fun ;)

  4. Avatar Karen Erickson says:

    Love these cards,Very clever!

  5. Avatar Gab says:

    Oh wow! These are just so fun!!

  6. Avatar l helgason says:

    Funny cards. Clever idea with the lid popping up.

  7. Avatar Angie Fortner says:

    What cute cards! Love the sense of humor shown and love your color choices.

  8. Avatar Laura G says:

    Very cute and lighthearted cards!

  9. Avatar Lorieann says:

    Really fun cards! Love them!

  10. Avatar amy bishop says:

    cute cards. lol

  11. Avatar tina z says:

    this is so cute and creative!

  12. I wondered what in the world you could use a toilet and toilet paper for on a card or in crafting. But you did it!!! And what a great job you did! Darling cards, with such cute sentiments! Thanks for the fun and creative inspiration!!!

  13. Avatar Debby Green says:

    I think you did a great job of making the images cute rather than tacky. Cute cards!

  14. SWOON!! Such AWESOME Cards!! THANKS SO MUCH for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  15. Avatar Cheriese H says:

    LOL these are so fun!

  16. Avatar Monika Davis says:

    Super cute cards Nina Marie. Love the fun images and the interactive elements… great coloring. Thank you for the inspiration. Be safe and God bless!

  17. Avatar Laurie Black says:

    These are so funny! Thanks for the laugh

  18. Avatar Scraporcraft says:

    I never imagined that toilet paper cards would be a thing. I like the don’t panic card.

  19. Avatar Joanne M Hoffmann says:

    LOL!! LOVE this and your cards are wonderfully FUN! Put a giggle on my heart!

  20. Avatar Mayumi O says:

    OMG! This is so cute! I can’t stop smiling!

  21. Avatar Laura Budke says:

    Interactive cards are always fun.

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