Foiling with Dies & Simon’s Rest & Refresh Hop

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  1. Avatar Lisa Byers says:

    I love this technique!! This die is beautiful and while right now, I can’t afford to do this type of foil embossing, I can do similar ideas like yours. I do love this card. It is gorgeous. You do inspire and make me want to create. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Avatar Winnie says:

    I love how you used the filigree die cut!

  3. Avatar Merly says:

    Cute vibrant card

  4. Avatar Tracy Chambers says:

    Such a fun idea with so many possibilities. Thank you for inspiring me.
    Take care

  5. Avatar E Nelson says:

    It is so nice to see how regular dies can make such pretty foiled outline designs. Great card ideas!

  6. Avatar Andrea Hastilow says:

    Fantastic card design’s. I love the tiny embellishments on these designs & the colour combinations, I may drop out the thanks & use them as invites for a girlie tea party.

  7. Avatar Jenny says:

    Love the foiled look. Your cards are all so pretty. Thanks for sharing your process showing each of these cards.

  8. Avatar Charlotte Deerborn says:

    Thanks for the video. I always like your videos because you include tips along with the how-to info.

  9. Avatar Retta Lutte says:

    Thank you for the great tutorial and the beautiful card ideas. Just when I think I have every gadget there is, you have to show me the Foil Press! :)

  10. Avatar Debbie P says:

    Beautiful cards. Thank you for the great tips. Love the new release.

  11. Avatar Tina S says:

    I love how colorful and happy these cards are! This is the first time I’ve seen foil embossing! So pretty!

  12. Avatar Sherri Little says:

    Love those detailed dues!

  13. Avatar Debbie Rumpza says:

    I love your ideas. I have wanted a hot embossing system for awhile… It’s on the list!

  14. Avatar C Clark says:

    Love how you utilized the foil press in your design. First time I’ve really understood it’s appeal. Thank you for a great tutorial!

  15. Avatar Marianne Rudakewiz says:

    Beautiful. Love all the colors in the wreath.

  16. Avatar nancy f says:

    Love the fact that you hot foil the dies.

  17. Avatar Toni C says:

    So cute! :) Your tips for using the hot foil press are really helpful.

  18. Avatar MandaLJ says:

    Your cards are so pretty! I love the foil, the fresh colours and the lovely embellishments!

  19. Avatar Cindy Thick says:

    Beautiful cards. Love the foiled look.

  20. Avatar nancy says:

    Absolutely beautiful – wow! I have to learn how to do this!!!

  21. Avatar Babs says:

    Love the foil! Wish there was a way to foil without buying a new machine.

  22. Avatar BarbaraF says:

    Beautiful cards. I was sold on that foil machine, but after seeing these cards, it is now on my list of things to get. Thanks for inspiration.

  23. Avatar Isabelle says:

    Your cards are beautiful ! Unfortunately these foiling machines are very expensive.

  24. Avatar Arianna Barbara says:

    Wow! It’s totally adorable!!!

  25. Avatar Annalisa says:

    Wow, the way that the foil system embosses and debosses, it really looks like you used some sort of embellishment like Nuvo drops on each little section. What a cool way to get dimension! Thanks for sharing these sweet cards with us.

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