Foiling with Dies & Simon’s Rest & Refresh Hop

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  1. Avatar barbara lassiter says:

    These are beautiful and are another great way to use these filigree dies! I love your card designs, too!

  2. Avatar Susanbcards says:

    I love the wreath. I love the big thanks die, I love the colors! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Avatar Connie says:

    Gorgeous! I love the foiling with the coloring. I really want to try this. You inspired me to dust off my foiling supplies. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Avatar Jan Arnold says:

    Such pretty cards! Love th3 effect of the foiling and coloring together! The results are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  5. Avatar Becca Yahrling says:

    I have a thing for wreaths and these are just beautiful!
    So full of lively color. Love them!

  6. Avatar Isabel Z says:

    Wow, your card is stunning.

  7. Avatar Abby says:

    Very pretty! Love the colors.

  8. Avatar Teresa Doyle says:

    Oh my goodness Nina these are simply gorgeous! (Love the Filigree collection!)

  9. Avatar Esther says:

    Absolutely gorgeous card! Love the inlaid die look!

  10. Avatar Lyla H Lewis says:

    Beautiful cards and colors, thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Avatar Carol says:

    Such pretty cards, Nina! Love these dies and the foiling technique.

  12. Avatar Teri Spracklin says:

    So bright and cheerful! I love this!

  13. Avatar Annette Gordon says:

    Wow, so pretty. Love the inlay look. And the color is sooo amazing!

  14. Avatar Pennie says:

    Beautiful cards!

  15. Avatar Flo says:

    You’re cards are very pretty. Love them all, thanks.

  16. Pretty cards! :) Love all the colors and gems.

  17. Wow! These are super pretty!! I love the colors, the dies and the foiling! :)

  18. Avatar Debbie P. says:

    Wow and beautiful says it all!

  19. Avatar Nola Sullivan says:

    Super pretty card! Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Avatar kre8tivekate says:

    That foil! I die! These are beautiful…

  21. Avatar Gwen Mangano says:

    Gorgeous cards! This collection is amazing!!

  22. Avatar Mary says:

    What pretty cards!

  23. Avatar Allene Frederick says:

    Before I watched your video, at first glance, I thought that you had paper pieced the wreathe. It’s gorgeous! Love this!

  24. Avatar Michelle Darde says:

    You make it look easy!!!

  25. What pretty cards! I love the dies and foiling creates a beautiful background to your coloring.

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