Multicolor Foil + Simon’s Blossoms and Butterflies Hop

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  1. Avatar caprice o says:

    What a great card. that foil really steps up the clean and simple card.

  2. Avatar Martha H. says:

    Thanks so much for the tips! Awesome card,

  3. Avatar Sherry Butcher says:

    Great stencil and foiling card. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Avatar Brenda L. Kuder says:

    Beautiful card! I am going to try that multi colored foiling.

  5. Avatar Laura Barney says:

    Love the new Simon release

  6. Avatar Michelle Hackett says:

    You’re right, the foiling goes perfectly with this stencil. Great design.

  7. Avatar Lindarub says:

    Beautiful card!

  8. Avatar Debbi Smith says:

    Thanks for sharing the technique with the stencil and foils! Created a beautiful card!

  9. Avatar Roxana B says:

    That’s a very creative way to use the stencil! I love it!

  10. Avatar Tricia A Podmore says:

    Love your foiling and your technique. Is the mahine you used a regular laminating machine or a foil machine? Your cards are stunning and awesome. Appreciate your sharing.

  11. Avatar Jennifer Petersen says:

    Beautiful cards! Love the idea of using a stencil for foiling!

  12. Avatar Ana Korban says:

    I will have to start using my stencils to Foil! Love this technique so much!!

  13. Avatar Sandra Merritt says:

    your foiling looks so much better than mine…. granted i’m not using the same machine lol love your card!

  14. Avatar Genita Anderson says:

    Great stencil and foiling combination. Love the flowers.

  15. Avatar Sandy Glover says:

    Beautiful cards. Love the stencils.

  16. Avatar Nina Triano says:

    Love these beautiful cards Nina-Marie!

  17. Avatar Sherri Little says:

    Great foiled cards.

  18. Avatar Henriëtte says:

    Awesome cards Nina-Marie, I love how you used this beautiful stencil. And I learned again things about foiling!
    Thank you so much for your great inspiration and have a awesome weekend.

  19. Avatar Rose says:

    You taught me how to use my foil in a new way! Love your card. Thank you.

  20. Avatar Linda Horton says:

    Super cute card using the stencil and foil. Love the look.

  21. Avatar Cindyellen Robinson says:

    i would not have thought of that. cool idea and great cards!

  22. Avatar Candi says:

    Good tips. Nice card.

  23. Avatar Jane McGill says:

    Beautiful cards using the pretty foils.

  24. Avatar Sharon Beattie says:

    Very pretty. Good use of the stencil for foiling.

  25. Avatar Patricia M says:

    Great stencil. Great use of it. Lovely cards.

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