Layered Die Cutting with Glitter + Simon’s You Are Loved Hop

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  1. Avatar Mary J says:

    what great ideas! thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Avatar Tracy Lynn Lustick says:

    Beautiful job ! Wow this is a very versatile release !

  3. Avatar Lindar C says:

    Loving all that purple glitter goodness!

  4. Avatar Sue Townsend says:

    Ooooo…sparkle! Love it. Thank you for the suggestions.

  5. Avatar Jerilyn says:

    Love the different colors!

  6. Avatar Karyn Siegel says:

    Love the colors.

  7. Avatar Leslie559 says:

    Love the glitter papers. Came together beautifully!

  8. Avatar Siobhan Burtlow says:

    Beautiful purple glitter! Swoon!

  9. Wowza, look at all this sparkle – fantastic! I love how you combined these little sentiments – looks cool!

  10. Avatar kReN k says:

    I love your use of the glitter papers! They really pop on the card! Your work and these products are amazing! Thanks for sharing! [email protected]

  11. Love the purple colors! :)

  12. Avatar Judie Attard says:

    What gorgeous glittery cards! Love the purple!

  13. Avatar susie sonnier says:

    A card full of glittering hearts, what could b better!!!

  14. Avatar BeverlyBL says:

    So pretty and sparkly. I like that you used your extra hearts for stacking.

  15. Avatar barbara lassiter says:

    These are really beautiful and the glitter adds the perfect touch!

  16. Avatar JuLie : says:

    Love the tutorial! So clear and easy to follow. Great card too!

  17. Avatar Jessica says:

    I love the colors and the glittery cardstock. It’s nice to see this die being used as something other than for a shaker card.

  18. Avatar Susie F says:

    What a great card!

  19. Avatar Barbara Chmura says:

    Very glittery, very cool!

  20. Avatar Jerrie says:

    Awesome cards and I love the color! Your use of glitz makes these extra special!

  21. Avatar Connie says:

    So pretty. Love the glittery purple.

  22. Avatar Debbie Rumpza says:

    I ADORE your glittery card! I totally pinned it. :)

  23. Avatar Linnea Sundstrom says:

    luv that by placing the sentiment strips “wonky”, you keep a fun, lighthearted feel to your cards

  24. Avatar Sharon O says:

    Gorgeous purple hearts card and relatively simple to make! Love it.

  25. Avatar Susan B. says:

    Love the purple glitter paper and simple sentiments! Lovely!

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