An Easy Approach to Detail Watercolor + Simon’s Friendly Frolic Release Blog Hop

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  1. Avatar Judy Albertson says:

    Hello, I watch your videos but usually never leave comments but I just had to this time. I love the way your flowers look. They are simply amazing. The color variation just makes the flowers look so gorgeous. I just had to try to make the lines like you showed and it works. Thanks.

  2. Avatar MandaLJ says:

    Wow! Such beautiful water colouring! The hibiscus feather looks amazing!

  3. Avatar Jan says:

    You are so talented. Your cards are stunning. Thanks for the video.

  4. Avatar Dawn S says:

    Love the colors! Beautiful cards.

  5. Avatar Rachel says:

    Gorgeous card, love the watercoloring

  6. Avatar Patricia Quintas says:

    You are so TALENTED !!! Beautiful cards , I’d love to see more watercolour techniques.

  7. Avatar Judy says:

    Very nice, love both cards. Thanks for the video sharing how you colored the cards.

  8. Avatar Royleea love says:

    This feather is so gorgeous! Love it

  9. Avatar Denise Mlady says:

    These cards are just gorgeous! Love all the detail you added to the flowers and the feather. The Sketch lotus is my favorite from this release.

  10. Avatar Barb H. says:

    Wow…just gorgeous!

  11. Avatar Laura L Buehler says:

    Lovely cards. Everyone seems to have a different spin on the lotus flower stamp set, and every one of the spins is outstanding.

  12. Avatar Barbara Smith says:

    Your cards are so beautiful! Love that detail water color technique. Can’t wait to try it.

  13. Avatar Donna H says:

    Stunning card! Love the water coloring!

  14. Avatar Debbie D says:

    Thank you for all the tips. The detail watercoloring really made the card pop.

  15. Avatar Kristina Hein says:

    These are exquisite! Your watercoloring is always outstanding!

  16. Avatar evelyn says:

    I love the watercolor you used.

  17. Avatar Julia D. says:

    Oh my goodness, these cards are gorgeous! LOVE your watercoloring technique – such beautiful results!

  18. Avatar Katie VanSchenck says:

    You did a beautiful job coloring these! Such lovely cards

  19. Avatar Jeri says:

    Absolutely gorgeous watercoloring detail. Great tips for achieving the look you’ve accomplished.

  20. Avatar Rose Mary Smalley says:

    Your cards are both beautiful….as usual. But the one with the feathers…just struck a chord with me….I loved it very much..thank you so much.

  21. Avatar Sharon L. says:

    Very lovely cards. Like the information on varying your watercoloring.

  22. Avatar Marjorie DUMONTIER says:

    You’ve made such a fantastic floral card ! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  23. Avatar Henriëtte says:

    I love the cards you made and what a great technique, I have never seen this before but will certainly give this a try. The second card you made is breathtaking in this technique, this is also my no. 1 favorite from this release. Thank you so much for your awesome tutorial and cards Nina-Marie.

  24. Avatar Gretchen Wilson says:

    The cards are beautiful and I love the striping on the coloring! Great technique!💜🤗

  25. Avatar Isabelle says:

    Your cards are beautiful ! I love the Earth has music stamps set and your colors are perfect for this stamp.

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