An Easy Approach to Detail Watercolor + Simon’s Friendly Frolic Release Blog Hop

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  1. Avatar Ang says:

    The colors of your cards are so beautiful.

  2. Avatar Jessica Jonasson says:

    Hi Nina-Marie, you are so talented. Such lovely painting and colors. That Lotus stamp is sooo pretty. Thx for sharing.

  3. Avatar Tracy Timm says:

    Love the Lotus Flowers!

  4. Avatar CINDY Aguirre says:

    Beautiful card! Thanks for your watercoloring tips!

  5. Avatar Jacquie says:

    Very cool watercolor technique – thanks for sharing!

  6. Avatar Debbie Varnes says:

    So beautiful! You make watercoloring look so easy. These two cards are gorgeous!

  7. Avatar Donna Kalinowsky says:

    Loved watching the video of your dry brush technique as you painted the lotus flowers. The result looks like colored pencil because each stroke is filled with pigment. Thanks for the tutorial.

  8. Avatar Lynn says:

    Beautiful watercoloring – thanks for sharing!

  9. Avatar Marianne says:

    Interesting technique, and I adore your hibiscus card!

  10. Avatar Jackie S says:

    Stunning coloring Nina. Thank you for the video

  11. Avatar Linnea Sundstrom says:

    great tutorial, Nina. luv the effect, especially for the feather!

  12. Avatar Cindi F says:

    Beautiful cards! I love your colors and designs.

  13. Avatar Gayle C says:

    Beautiful cards and watercoloring

  14. Avatar Jen Carroll says:

    Such beautiful cards and great tips in the video. Learned so much, as always. Thank you.

  15. Avatar Jeannie F says:

    Nina, you inspire me! Your cards are so beautiful. I always learn so much watching your tutorials. Thank you!

  16. Your cards are stunning! I’ve never tried detailed water coloring, but I may have to give it a try after seeing the amazing results you can achieve.

  17. Avatar Cheryl Rigney says:

    Both of your cards are gorgeous!! I thoroughly enjoyed your video. I will definitely be giving this technique a try.

  18. My world, girl, your talent has no boundaries! You create such amazing and breathtaking stuff!

  19. Avatar Cynthia Koop says:

    So outstanding!! I love both cards but the Earth Has Music card is so beautiful!

  20. Avatar Joyce says:

    Love the colours and your great tutorial! Thank you.

  21. Avatar Mary Holshouser says:

    Love the flowers nestled on the leaf.
    Beautiful coloring on the cards.
    thanks for sharing

    • Avatar Mary Holshouser says:

      Sorry – I should have said feather. it’s still
      beautiful. My mind and fingers didn’t get in sync.
      thanks again.

  22. Avatar Eva laney says:

    Oh my goodness both of your cards are amazingly beautiful. I love all of the awesome detail you have created!

  23. Avatar Cynthia Cole says:

    Your cards are always so beautiful!

  24. Avatar Tracey L Randolph says:

    Your watercolor cards are beautiful! This is something I haven’t tried yet, but might have to try!

  25. Avatar Shirley Qu says:

    Your cards are so beautiful. I love the colors and your coloring is excellent.

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