An Easy Approach to Detail Watercolor + Simon’s Friendly Frolic Release Blog Hop

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  1. Avatar Krystal Overby says:

    Wow stunning cards! You definitely make me want to be able to watercolor as beautiful as yours!

  2. Avatar Heidi B. says:

    Your cards show that less is more, really elegant cards

  3. Avatar Carole Palmiere says:

    Your water coloring is gorgeous! I’m very intimidated by water coloring. I will watch your tutorial, but I think I enjoy watching people water color more than actually doing it,. Love your cards!

  4. Avatar Paula G says:

    Amazing! So obvious you put your heart into creating!

  5. Avatar Gail Alcorn says:

    Gorgeous cards! Thanks for all of the tips!

  6. Avatar Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for the extra video on the watercoloring! Loved the water on barrel comment…more than once I’ve had water all of a sudden rush to the brush & couldn’t figure out why….I’ll be checking the barrel!!! Beautiful work!

  7. Avatar Teresa Woolford says:

    Oh my god! So beautiful!!! I just started watercoloring with my stamps and I can’t wait to dive into your channel for tips.

  8. Avatar Becca straub says:

    Thanks for the pointers

  9. Avatar Beth says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Avatar Kim says:

    Looking forward to trying this watercolour technique–thanks for the great idea!

  11. Your cards are gorgeous and I love the use of the new Lotus Flower, just stunning!!!

  12. Avatar Sabrina Radican says:

    OMG!!! Your cards are absolutely stunning and so breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  13. Avatar Cindy Thick says:

    What a lovely card. Your watercoloring is so beautiful.

  14. Avatar Carolyn Cece says:

    Gorgeous watercoloring. Your cards are always lovely. I need to try more water coloring because I love the results.

  15. Avatar Leanne S says:

    Gorgeous cards! The coloring is outstanding.

  16. Avatar Catherine Nowak says:

    Beautiful and inspiring card

  17. Avatar Arianna Barbara says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Your cards are simply breathless!!! Stunning watercolour technique!!!

  18. Avatar Haley says:

    Your watercolor is so unique it almost looks like colored pencils with all the details you did! Such great display of your talent

  19. Avatar Ann Kulseth says:

    Gorgeous cards – outstanding colors. And I love the new look of your blog.

  20. Avatar Kris Reeves says:

    Definitely going to try this!

  21. Avatar Mindy Drummond says:

    WOW, stunning just stunning! I am going to watch your tutorial but I can’t imagine being able to come anywhere near as amazing. I am going to try tho’ :)

  22. Avatar Kaitlyn says:

    Beautiful cards.

  23. Avatar Anna Rodgers says:

    You did a great job explaining and demonstrating the fine detail technique. Your painting is so pretty on this stamp set! TFS

  24. Avatar Kathy Barrett says:

    Love the coloring of your flowers! Beautiful cards!

  25. Avatar Julie B says:

    Wow! I’m excited to give this technique a try!

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