Scene Building + Heffy Doodle 1st Birthday Blog Hop

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  1. Really fun card! Love the colouring on the birds, the glitter, and that awesome background.

  2. Avatar Andrea MacTrinh says:

    Love your tropical card, just awesome.

  3. Avatar Dana M says:

    Wonderfully vibrant and happy card. Perfectly Nina styled :) !

  4. Avatar Joy Moss says:

    This is such an adorable card! Love your coloring of the images, especially the parrot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Avatar Amante del Papel says:

    Is an stunning background!!!

  6. Avatar Meghan Kennihan says:

    I LOVE the glitter and the background! This is a GREAT CARD!

  7. Avatar Stacey Kowbel says:

    Oh my gosh, such an adorable card! I love the colours and the added glitter to the wings!

  8. Avatar Annalisa says:

    I agree that it feels like HD has been around longer than a year (in all the best ways). I love the way you included all the colors of the parrots throughout your card: the blue cardbase, the green leaves and sentiment, and the red subsentiment. Such a smart way to tie it all together; I’m going to have to remember to look outside my standard white box for those things next time! Thanks for sharing and helping celebrate HD’s birthday!

  9. What a happy card! I am keen on glitter currently too.

  10. Avatar Iris Soscia says:

    Darling card – so colorful and cute – love the birds and the glitter.

  11. Avatar Sarah Louise Baker says:

    Absolutely love this card and your inspiring use of a feather apostrophe…genius xxx

  12. I love all your item and thank you for the opportunity!
    Mariella de Miranda

  13. Avatar Karen S. says:

    Great card….but the glitter on those bird wings is amazing! ❤

  14. Avatar Deb Hardy says:

    Love the sparkly wings!

  15. Avatar Tara says:

    Great to see the new wingman stamp used differently. Great colour

  16. Avatar Daniela Polidoro says:

    How colorful this card is, wow!

  17. Fantastic card !! love the background and your coloring is really awesome.

  18. Beautiful card Nina; I love the colors!

  19. Avatar sheron b egolf says:

    your card is so cute and the sparkle is so pretty.

  20. Happy Birthday Heffy Doodle!! Love this FUN Happy Card!!!!!!

  21. Avatar Gab says:

    Just stunning! I love the glittery rainbow wings on the bird!

  22. Avatar Amy Cooley says:

    The colorful birds are so cute and I love the stenciled background.

  23. Avatar Brandi R says:

    Super cute! Love the bit of sparkle you added to these super cute birds ♥

  24. Love the vivid colors of the beautiful card! Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Avatar kathleen dumpert says:

    I love the coloring of the wings on your bird!

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