Halftone Color Stamping + Hop

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  1. Avatar Leza says:

    I love the colours you have used. I just got my stamp platform and I love it

  2. Avatar Katherine Rabuffi says:


  3. Avatar Katherine Rabuffi says:

    This is an awesome idea so needed in today’s world!!!! Thanks so much for your beautiful work!!

  4. Avatar Leanne in Cali says:

    Your card is beautiful! I enjoy watching your videos and techniques. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. Avatar Rosali says:

    Love this stamp so much! Amazing card with it, so bright and happy!

  6. Avatar Arianna Barbara says:

    Oh my!!! Nina, as always your creations are breathless!!! I love so much your colouring!
    You’re very very inspirational for me!!!

  7. Avatar Lisa Shireman says:

    This card is so pretty! It would definitely make me smile if it was in my mailbox! 😁

  8. Avatar Heidi says:

    Just love the fun and bright colours you used on this card!

  9. Avatar Tess Vogts says:

    Such a sweet card, i love the colours you have chosen and the addition of the nuvo drops to give it real POP. Thank you for sharing inspiration.

  10. Avatar Maria Sabina says:

    Wonderful ! So lucky to have such a talented friend like you ! You are amazing .

  11. Avatar Edwige V. says:

    Beautiful and bright card ! What a great idea to make a card fly all over the world !

  12. Avatar Dona Green says:

    Beautiful card. Anyone receiving such a card would have to smile when they opened it. Love the color combo you used. TFS!

  13. Avatar Peggy Kempf says:

    Great card, love your colors!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. Avatar Marcia Taylor says:

    Beautiful card…wonderful tutorial on the halftone stamps/stamping! Thank you. I am beyond thrilled to see others now wanting to send someone a card in a way that the card can then be sent on to someone else, and so on. I have been doing this for years but never thought to write my note on a sticky note. I always used a pretty memo sheet or a beautiful die cut panel, etc. Another nice “extra” is to write on the back side of the card base the name of your home town, state (country). Then the next sender can do the same so all the recipients can see how far the card has traveled on its journey. A mention of this in your note is good, so that the next recipient will know to add their information.

  15. Avatar Michelle Daigle says:

    Gorgeous card, Nina! The colors that uou chose look amazing together. You really are talented, especially when it comes to design and color. I say that because I struggle with color sometimes. I’d be honored to win this card.

  16. Avatar Patricia M says:

    Beautiful flowers! Thank you for the tutorial!

  17. Avatar Helen says:

    This is a lovely card. . .just love the idea of these halftone stamps. This video is a great way to see how they work! Thanks for sharing this.

  18. Avatar NatQuebec says:

    Such a beautiful card 😊Love these tutorials.

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