Gatefold Gift Card Holder + Hop

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  1. Avatar Heidi says:

    Love the fun and bright colours you used!

  2. Avatar Anne Sturgeon says:

    Great to see you here Nina. PPP is the best. Love what you have done here and I do love that scalloped die.. Really pretty colors. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Avatar Sharon O says:

    What a lovely idea! The gift tags are just gorgeous!

  4. Avatar Dee Earnshaw says:

    Thanks for sHAring all these gorgeous tags and great ideas for gift cards. i will have to try to make them:)

  5. These sweet cards are all just beautiful! I love the pretty, feminine color, and all of these gorgeous details from the stamping to the embossing to the tiny ribbons and bows. Just amazing!

  6. Avatar Jan Elmore says:

    …adorable…love that pink tag!

  7. Avatar Jane Crisci says:

    Love your gift card holder! It really turns an ordinary card into something special!

  8. Avatar ~amy~ says:

    How clever! LOVE your projects!

  9. Avatar Colleen Howell says:

    Wow so much fun, I am going to have to try my hand at this one for sure I have lots of reasons to give gifts coming up

  10. Avatar Angela says:

    Wow what an amazing idea, your gift card holders are so wonderful and looking really colorful.♥
    Many thanks for this fantastic inspiration.

  11. Avatar Laurie B says:

    Love them-so pretty and Springy!! Fun gold idea!!!

  12. OH wow, fun, love those pretty colors you used too!

  13. Avatar KariLynnL says:

    What beautiful gift card holders you created. I just love how different they are and what a creative way to use the die. The colours you used are just lovely. Now I am off to watch your video.

  14. Avatar lauraschollaart says:

    What a great use for the scalloped borders! Love all your ideas 😀

  15. Avatar Jane says:

    Love your card and video!

  16. Avatar Abby says:

    Cute cards! Great idea.

  17. Avatar Janet Ingraham says:

    Such beautiful sweet gatefold

  18. Avatar Judy Stiles says:

    This is such a great idea … love it!

  19. Avatar Judy says:

    Cute and colorful gift card holders!

  20. Avatar ,Mary Holshouser says:

    All of the color combinations are fantastic.
    thanks for sharing a great idea.

  21. Avatar NatQuebec says:

    Such great idea, it’s lovely !

  22. Avatar Julie B says:

    Thanks for the ideas. This is grad season so gift card holders are always useful.

  23. Avatar Tracy Steinbach says:

    Oh NOW I really need that set of dies you pushed me over the edge…LOL I can’t wait until payday!

  24. Avatar ~Tammy~ says:

    So adorable! I love the tags! Great gift holders!

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