Craft Room Organization Quick Tips: Ph Martin India Inks

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  1. Valerie Robins says:

    These inks also come in glass bottles with droppers on Amazon.

  2. Lindsay w says:

    Where did you get the labels for the new bottles?

    • ninamarie says:

      Hi Lindsay! I reused the bottles from the original bottles by gently peeling them off. If they were to have not come off, I would have created my own with a label maker.

  3. Victoria says:

    Love, love, love your videos! Especially when you try a product I haven’t used! Always look forward to mondays! Thanks for all you post, it’s such a great help to me!

  4. hobbitnoll says:

    Okay, I am sold!! I just bought one set of these to try and the glass bottles. My husband is going to KILL me!!

  5. Chris Handy says:

    Thanks for sharing all the information on these inks.

  6. BRENDA YOST says:

    thanks sooo much for the ideas

  7. Teresa Doyle says:

    What great ideas for ink storage. Love the idea about the nail polish holder!

  8. Christine Piechura says:

    Thank you so much for this information Nina! I was just talking about them the other day. They are on my wish list, for sure.

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