Die Cut Advent Calendar + Simon’s Holiday Release Blog Hop!

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  1. Avatar Keely Jones says:

    Very nice! Keep up the great work of designing the amazing products that are then made available to us!

  2. Avatar Rebecca Wainwright says:

    I love this card. When I first saw the dies I wasn’t sure how to use them My Grandchild will love this!

  3. Avatar Sharon says:

    I love your cards. so many new ideas!!!!!

  4. Avatar Amy DeVault says:

    Absolutely love this Advent Calendar! So much fun!

  5. What a fabulous Advent calendar!! I just love idea! I must try make something like this.Thanks for inspiration dear Nina-Marie

  6. Avatar Elsa Piccinich says:

    So many great ideas in this blog hop!

  7. Avatar Celia Morse says:

    I love ALL that you’ve created with these kits! Simon says Stamp is so awesome! I’m thankful for my family and my best friend who will be making the pilgrimage from Ca to Tx to spend thanksgiving and the week after with us! Love that girl!

  8. Avatar Kathy says:

    Love the cute advent calendar!

  9. Avatar Teresa Russell says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Avatar Terri W says:

    I am thankful for my family. My son is always there when you need him.
    Your idea is just adorable Nina Marie!

  11. Avatar Rebecca H. says:

    Homemade Advent Calendar so cute and fun to either surprise the children or make with them helping. I like small stamps they can be used in so many ways .Thankful for my eye sight , the beauty of nature and seeing the faces of my loved ones.

  12. Avatar Toni Gillette says:

    Love your beautiful cards. thanks so much for sharing. I am thankful for my children and my husband! without them I would be nothing. Oh, and I am very thankful for the web…without it I wouldn’t have been able to learn so much and enjoy and share in my love of papercrafting.

  13. Avatar B Tarayao says:

    I’m so thankful for my family and my fury family 😀

  14. Avatar kittycrafts says:

    Grateful for seeing all of my family together for the first time in a LONG time. Love this project and can’t wait to make it!

  15. Avatar Cherri B says:

    What a great, great project to give to a child or shut in! Wonderful idea!

  16. Avatar Sue McRae says:

    That is one happy and bright advent calendar. I am most thankful that my family will be together for the holidays.

  17. Avatar cardsbymo says:

    I’m thankful that my father is still with us for this holiday season. He had lung cancer and was going through chemo this time last year. So now everyday he is still alive is a gift.

  18. Avatar Denise Fonda says:

    Nina, this advent calendar, with encouraging and loving messages, for a college student, away from home, would be fantastic!!

  19. Avatar safsafdesign says:

    I love your art really! Being thankful is not related to any holiday for me, I try to do it every single day. I am grateful to have a wonderful family, to be able to live in peace, to be surrounded with love and care, to be healthy and to be able to craft and be here :)

  20. I adore your cards and videos. You have a way of making the techniques seem easy and fun! Thanks for sharing your talent so generously!!

  21. I am most thankful to my Kanhaji (Krishna), my family and friends. My life would have no meaning without them. I am thankful for this crafting community and wonderful, kind, generous people in it.

  22. Avatar Magee Dudley says:

    Beautiful Advent Calendar.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  23. Avatar Leslie Kiley says:

    I am so thankful for having an amazing family and that we are all so close! I celebrate how lucky I am to have the love and support every single day! Thank you too for being a sorce of inspiration with all your projects! Love this count down one!

  24. Avatar Robyn S says:

    Great ideas for a countdown. I am grateful to be able to enjoy card making that makes other people happy too.

  25. Avatar Irene says:

    Awesome project!! I am most thankful for the supportive people that make my life so joyful!

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