Retro Night Scene + Hop

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  1. Avatar Greta H says:

    Beautifully creative work!

  2. Avatar Tara Prince says:

    Wow!! Amazing card!!

  3. Avatar Charyl says:

    Wow! I like it!

  4. Avatar Sue D. says:

    Gorgeous card; GREAT colors; they really do ‘glow’. Thanks so much for your instructional video too. It was great!

  5. Avatar Sue McW says:

    Great card. It does make me think of the Jetson’s. Love your color choices.

  6. Avatar nanagretchen says:

    Brings me back to my early days, yes I am that old!

  7. Avatar debbiew says:

    I love your card. The colors are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Avatar Joan says:

    Nina, this is such a cool card and very clever. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Avatar Deepa Lakshman says:

    Very cool card.

  10. Avatar Cristina says:


  11. Avatar pamboe says:

    Now I must order that stamp! Your card is my favorite of the entire hop. My father-in-law had a drive-in restaurant. The family will love your card!

  12. Avatar bwalborn says:

    Such vibrant colors. Love the retro look.

  13. Avatar barbara lassiter says:

    This is really cute and definitely has that retro look.

  14. Avatar Bobbie Bluegill says:

    Wow on the color and impact. Retro rocks.

  15. Avatar Janice Hatt says:

    Sure do remember the Jetsons and you’ve captured their style perfectly! TFS

  16. Avatar Marilyn says:

    That background is gorgeous!

  17. Avatar Jen Brauer says:

    Very lovely. Love the background.

  18. Avatar Migdalia Rodriguez says:

    AMAZING scene!! Super cute, cool and fun!

  19. Avatar Lynn Holt says:

    Adorable card!

  20. Avatar ohsewquilty says:

    Love your work! Very creative and inspirational! Thanks!

  21. Avatar Angie Williams says:

    I love your colorful card! Very nice!

  22. Avatar valerieserfozo says:

    What an awesome retro card!

  23. Avatar Sue O says:

    What a colourful card…love it

  24. Avatar Katy says:

    The coloring is fantastic. Stay blessed!

  25. Avatar christine canfield says:

    so very retro!

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