Spotlight and Full Width Scenes + Hop

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  1. Linda Whitaker says:

    Love your cards. Great colors and sentiments.

  2. Rachel Vass says:

    Love the daffodils, so cheerful

  3. Allison G. says:

    Lots of inspiration love the round windows!

  4. Josephine Gooderham says:

    Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  5. Monica Hjellming says:

    Beautiful designs! The blue and yellow look fantastic!

  6. Laura L says:

    Beautiful cards! I especially love the prayers card =)

  7. Rebecca Wainwright says:

    I love your use of color. Thank you for sharing your designs.

  8. Kathy Plaquet says:

    Your cards are beautiful. I love the butterflies.

  9. Sandy N. says:

    You do a wonderful job of coloring. I love the background of your daffodil card.

  10. Denise Woodson says:

    Love your spotlight technique!!

  11. Gail Plaskiewicz says:

    Oh my gosh! What amazing cards! I see my favorite color is being used again, yellow. Everyone has used lots of yellow on their blogs and I am in love! Your daffodils are so beautiful and so is the church. I love everything!

  12. Katie M says:

    Really darling cards!

  13. Cassie D'Ambrosio says:

    I love the stamp sets and your cards! I’m loving this Simon release

  14. Pat Q says:

    I especially like the second card with the church scene. Love the sunshine.

  15. Gail Alcorn says:

    Love the spotlight scene card!

  16. kathleen potrament says:

    Thanks for the great idea on how to pop up sentiments on vellum.

  17. Judy R. says:

    I especially like the daffodil card. The layers that you made intrigue me.

  18. Nancy Mitchell says:

    Very pretty and rather complicated until I watched the video. Thanks!
    You do good work!

  19. Donna Toledo says:

    Lovely cards. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Nadine says:

    really beautiful cards! I can almost fell the spring just by watching them! :D

  21. Rachel V says:

    Gorgeous! I really need to practice making scenes.

  22. chauber0906 says:

    I love your work… so beautiful!

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